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The Fragunit » General Discussion » Anything goes
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My Last UT video
I've put together one last video...just for fun..

still the best game ever in all of history creation..and some!!

5Card Smile
That means you are done with UT99? Pfft
I like the music lol

I see people are still playing on the server that is owned by the criminals who blackmailed, hacked and compelled me and my whole clan....and now they are stealing my maps too. Not to mention the fact that they censor everything that is even related to fragunit.

And people wonder why this game is finally dead.

LW and me enjoy other games nowadays:

YouTube Video

Edited by KingRichet on 02-02-2016 11:55
Nice vid 5 cardSmile

I'd like to play 99 again too sometimes but unfortunately we're still banned from the whole chicken network and theres no other lg rocket servers....:/ Guess theres nothing one can do....

Btw: Is he either too dumb to write annihilated properly or is he too cool for that lol?
Me quit play, im not even sure thats possible ha ha Smile

I just had a thought while making that video, I was thinking, why am i making this, who is going to see it? but its got about 50+ views which is more than I thought so it wasn't in vain lol...

I'm a kinda late comer to the party only finding the fragunit in 2014...I wished I had a found it years ago when servers were full and ass kicking every night...but not to worry, I'll be around, still looking for that mic Smile

Thanks for comments.. oh kingy, the music is called Red river rock, by, Johnny & Hurricanes. an old 1960's special, well before you time ofc, and mine!! haha

theres no other lg rocket servers....:/ Guess theres nothing one can do....

According to my count we still have 2 servers up?
So tell me how can one record a match in UT99?
Too lazy to look up the forum treads.
Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.
ROLF, I use fraps, its free. You first need record all your matches using UTdemo manager 3.3. it auto demorecs all your matches..then you need play them back and find the sweet part you need.......can be time consuming, but the end results make it worth it Smile
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