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LastWords Colosseum is back up
Hey guys,

as you might know, I had a server parallel to the fragunit servers back in the days, mainly to put some stuff on there that the fu server didnt feature (because we wanted to play that in small private groups and not with the mass that might get tired of dying 50 times on morpheus from falling). This also yields that I will definitely not put all the fragunit server stuff on here as we have Daves server for thatSmile

I bought another server, located in France(sadly no german was available) and installed all the stuff from back then and more. It mainly features:

- Classic Weapons Deathmatch on the most known maps of the glory days(Deck16, Liandri and more)
- LG Rockets DM and CTF on some custom KingRichet maps like NarrowEscape or JumpColosseum
- Its main feature: Bunnytracks. I set it up mainly to play a bit with my gf but also because as you might know I once really did like the mod a lot and captured various maps throughout the years of 2009-2012. As of now the server features around 60 bt maps which I really liked, some new ones and more are likely to come.

The one problem: Theres no redirect right now so downloading might take ages. I might set it up but currently I dont have the time. Still if you feel like playing some of the mentioned stuff once in a while, feel free to join and feel at home at:

Live long and prosper, your 187LastWord
Nice one, Iíll check it out next time Iím online. Never played BunnyTrack so it should be interesting.
Its like super mario with a LOT of dedication required since even easy obstacles can drive you crazy at first^^ But if you like smth to play alone when theres no one around I find it quite entertaining
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