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The Fragunit » General Discussion » Anything goes
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About myself
187LastWord wrote:

When we play in one team you rather like to defend too cuz you hate getting spammed away by flagspammers/idiots. I could hold them all off our flag as well.

Actually I don't get spammed away that often since im a patient and sneaky guy just lack my fancy footwork Grin
but.... I will take you at your word about this

about the topic change.. this was about myself so back to topic plx ;D

It is a long time ago but here is the Master_of_the_mast.

Sincerely yours M_o_t_m Wink
Oh hi motm!

How is it going? Pfft
Hii.. My name is Kevin..Nickname,Fearless~Priince,Most_Wanted,|184|LastWish, B@AB0Y,Guess-Whos-Back,kev etc etc etc xD.. I live in Guyana..Im 15 Years old,i play ut for 2 years now i play in kingy server most of the time and yea i love when kingy kill me because theres no way i can kill him lolz..and i love UT99 its the best game i ever play i play that game from morning till night and don't eat sometime... My desire is i want to be come a good player like kingy and |187|LastWord..and i want to be in Fragunit clan KinGy one.. but u know what guys kinGy don't want me to join Sad and i will ask again kinGy "I WANT TO JOIN UR CLAN PLZZ" and i know its a FRAGUNIT clan and i dont have good skill so sad anyways thats all..want to know more add me on FACEBOOK USERNAME "Rude boy Keviin" aka "Fearless Priince" Smile...and not forgetting keep playing UT99 guys it need us it need people like u Smile...sry for any mistake Smile
Well if you wanna join the Fragunit I would recommend to first improve your orthographyPfft(no insult^^)

Second I remember you as "Fearless Prince" or "kev" but I hardly ever saw you play...most of the time you were spectating. Under what nicknames do you play nowadays cuz I havent seen Fearless Prince either in the last months and I'm online almost everyday.

Since I cannot remember your skills I would recommend you play more frequentely on our face and arena servers so we can check you out. Ill give you a feedback then.
well i don't play online now because my net have get slower which mean ut99 can't play online but i see to get back the fast net then u will see me and my useless skillz lolz.. "most of the time you were spectating." my mouse was broken that time dude... and u can ask some player about kev there will know me xD...
Hi Guys, my first post here, just thought I would say hi. My name Michael Brady, i'm 43 years old (yes I know im getting on a bit) I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne England, UK. I've been playing UT99 since it came out. We got the demo free on a cover of a magazine, my friend installed it and gave the disc to me. I installed and lost about 4 years of my life haha!! Well not really but it certainly took a big chunk of my time...a few all nighters, I seen the sun come up on many occasion playing with my yankee friends.....and this is the days before broadband, 1pence a minute 56k modem speeds, my phone bill went from ?45 a quarter to over ?300 yikes!!! but I was so addicted it was money well spent in my eyes, but the monthly subscription broadband couldn't come soon enough.

There were two main Rocket servers on the demo in the early days, one was "Linux Stomp'n Ground" which was team game which included all maps except Coret. I loved playing sesmar LG and dodging up those ramps....and the other one was "Rock'em Hard" Morpheus only which was the most popular and lasted for over 10 years. Anyways my main playing days was from 1999 to 2006, 2007 I started to play less and then in 2008 after buying a super computer and having trouble installing UT (too many CPU's I guess) I gave up all together.

And then in July 2013 I break my arm, and found I had a lot of time on my hands and needing something to fill it? I know, Lets see if I can get my old game to work (UT99 is the only game I've ever played, tried others, they all suck!) and somehow I get to install first time...Win7 is the boy, Vista was beyond bad so maybe that's it, but it runs like a dream now, prob even better than my Voddoo3 128 mb ram, with 500mhz pent 3 did Smile

so 5 years after playing my last game on UT and 14 years since my career began I stick the demo back in and realise there is no one on there anymore and all the servers are gone Sad Well accept this guy called vast who remembered everyone and still has a server but he told me everyone left in to cut a long story short (haha) my games running like a dream with no one to play....shucks this is bad! I stick 436 and I find you guys, Boooosh!! happy days, let the games commence ..........oPfftCool

[RwS]5Card, aKa, Suzy
Welcome bro.
Hey 5card.

Nice that you found your way to our forum and thanks for sharing a bit about yourself Wink

300 pounds a quarter?...jesus, lol

I maybe doubled my costs but you beat it all Grin
Hey 5card, welcome to the forumGrin
Cheers Guys Smile
Hi all ! Smile

Im and i don't know why, lemon was what i had in mind when it was required to find a nick so...
Im 37 and live in south east of France (Cannes).

I discovered UT in 1999 when it came out, a demo playable online on a cd, that was just unreal ! but on 56k... and we were a lot with only few servers ^^
I wasn't so good at regular UT, mainly i used to play a great mod (total game conversion) named Infiltration, nice small community that still active (not sure) :
i stopped FPS game years ago thinking im too old for that, prefering STR games and hits like Minecraft... Whatever UT rocks, i only bought few games in my life ! UT Goty Ed, Halflife, Battlefield 2 and Minecraft... Best games ever i think.

Don't know why, one ot two months ago i tried to double click on UnrealTournament.exe ^^ (in a few gigabytes sized folder, years od download ^^) just to see how oldskool it is and found your servers as populated, Don't know why again but im now back since it's lot of fun, it's just fantastic to find a small comunity of people loving UT99 (never tried UT2k3 and next, im sure they sucks !).
I like to play with regular players i use to see on your servers like Layth, Kentwood and others Wink

Also it's really interesting to play against very good players as Kingy,LW or Van, i really prefer to loose since it's the only way to become better, Kingy&LW against TheWorld matchs are just terrific !

Well, thanks to provide us so much quality servers, keep up the good work guys Smile

Lemon dot fr
Edited by Lemon_fr on 01-11-2013 16:06
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